Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mirrored Stares

Tracing constellations with our fingers
pointed up towards the twinkling sky

wishing for shooting stars to tumble down
so we could make wishes and wander

to the places where they crash landed

only to find that they have lived within us
Dreams that can't be seen, tasted, or touched

just entangled in the fibers of our hearts
each beat bringing them closer as we grow
kinder and gentler than we thought possible
as we fly kites under the shadows of the sun
tracing whispers of a love carved into stone

Knowing beauty lives behind mirrored stares
eyes meeting in the middle aligning souls
of perfect partners with their fingers interlaced
with bodies pressed together in warm embrace
knowing that a forest sometimes burns violently
only to recycle ash into mighty trees once more

Thursday, March 14, 2013


They say that true love
only comes around
once in a lifetime
but, how many lifetimes
do we live until we find
that moment where the earth
and the heavens meet under
intoxicated stares and the warm
embrace of heart pieces snapping
into place to form a complex puzzle
illustrating the perfectly told story

When the moment finds
us do we remember past lives
and lovers placing fingers
to parched lips  and then
pointing into the light
to guide us into the familiar
and the terrifying wrapped up
in a tightly knit package with a
beating heart that drums along
as we freefall into the emotions
and the memories that defy logic

Monday, March 4, 2013

Stone Bench

Sitting on a stone bench
writing into the sky
with fingers that drip with paint
in all colors that scatter
mother earth as she shelters us
and wrestles the stars in the darkest
depths of space and time

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lessons Learned in Lebanon

I've seen destruction in the ashes of a burning building
watching sacrifices go up in smoke and flame
while a she devil laughs through her sinister silence
walking out the crumbling doorway to move next door

These are lessons learned in Lebanon

I've discovered a face I never would have believed existed
not that long ago when I shared a room with something
I believed was stronger then the red cracked bricks
that were exposed to be holding up the house we built

These are lessons learned in Lebanon

I've realized that all it takes is a single moment to change
the people we thought we knew better then the back
of our own withered hands as we held them together
to pray for miracles to sprinkle the fields of uncertainty

These are lessons learned in Lebanon

I've watched as the red dress that fueled my passions
and drove my words with such hunger tore itself on thorns
made of glass in a rose bush that held the blackest flowers
destroyed by the silhouette of an insensitive selfish soul

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Your face is utter perfection
a picture so perfect that I could get lost
in between the dribble of dense dreams
and the bitterness of an expanding reality
when it hammers down with such fury

Your face is the ocean so deep
holding abundant life in the depths of eyes
beyond sublime, beyond a masterpiece
amber pools that reflect my soul back at me
when I find myself floating in a nebula

Your face is the joy that drives the beat
to a worn out heart, the survivor of battles
that left scars that have yet to fully heal
and the tug of strings to an instrument
that I have always played, but never touched

Your face is the temple that holds the secrets
of a golden goddess, and the lips crafted from
the finest silk, all the while your hair flows
in a hundred different breezes, and your ears
and nose remind me why time is precious

Your face is the warmth that soothes me
during the vivid nightmares that stalk me
as I lay awake in the shrill cold of night,
and that also greet me each morning when I
gaze upon one of God's flawless creations

Friday, January 11, 2013


I am a product of the events that have shaped my life
molding me into a fragile figurine constantly tested
with the light blows from a hammer striking my psyche
trying to find cracks in a profound imperfect creation
letting out anger in short bursts unwisely and unfairly
as a diamond grip tried to contain a bubbling explosion


I am thankful for the moments
that rattle around upstairs trying to trickle
their way downstairs in the depths of emotions
hiding under the shade of the mighty redwood
in its everlasting majestic nature rooted to the earth
never wavering its commitment to the forest


I wish I could tell you how refreshing it is
to smell crisp air again in the seconds between
the breach of gold across the horizon always painting
a perfect portrait of bliss beauty and amber hopes
onto a tattered canvas of a phantom's education
firing off into the distance waiting for us to catch up


I now know where the dirt strewn road leads
as I walk into the depths of a scenery I never knew
was possible, and only seen in the wisdom of elders
who walked this world trying to remind us of reflection,
radiance, and repentance in the heat of the devil
as he battles the better angels of human nature

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Giver

I tried to be the giver and be true to a selfness nature
so I opened my heart and I allowed a canary to perch
in the most vulnerable of spots, and I whistled along
as she sung her song at the break of each dawn

I guess what I fed her wasn't enough, so she flew
up and away into the breaching sun ever bright
ever punishing with its warmth, never eternal
only found in cycles of cosmic calendars

I tried, I really did to admit my flaws as a person
calling out to the bird to return, and perch once more
but self awareness wasn't enough so the perch lay empty
devoid of any song and siren with a scar yet to heal

So I give myself to the future of my progress
always shifting always in motion working for colors
that have yet to be named, but found in northern lights
walking the desert with the intent to find simple treasures